Successful corrosion maintenance does not need to be complex. Instead it should be Efficient, Practical and Easy for the crew to perform.

Focus on the small things and the big things will follow

With a good maintenance strategy, the work will be more efficient and return savings on the Operational Expenses (OPEX) and Capital Expenses (CAPEX) in dry dock.

The savings are not counting the commercial cost of poor vettings, off hire and detentions after Port State Controls (PSC).

The packages include:

  • How to build the foundation for successful maintenance
  • Corrosion Project Management in Service
  • Onboard Corrosion Training package
Main deck coating repairs. first coat completed

1. Build the foundation for successful maintenance

A good corrosion maintenance strategy should be systematic and easy to understand for the crew to work efficiently.

What you get:
• OPEX savings today / CAPEX savings tomorrow
• More efficient onboard corrosion maintenance

Surface Preparation Guide – Efficient – Practical – Easy
• Increased life time of the corrosion maintenance
• Easy and practical guides for the crew to follow

Personal relations with the vessel
1 on 1 talks with the crew
No question left un-answered

Paint locker planning / optimization
• +20% in savings
• Avoid tying money in the paint locker

Effective Tools and Spare Part Planning
• +30% savings on tools and spare parts
• Keep the maintenance work running effectively

Corrosion Maintenance with HP blaster

2. Corrosion Project Management In Service

Have a good plan ready, before sending additional crew and expensive equipment onboard.

WBT / Deck / Cargo areas

What you get
• OPEX savings today / CAPEX savings tomorrow
• A well-executed project within budget

Project planning
• Work plan + back up plan
• Sector plan of project area
Start a small area – Finish – Move on
• Man power, tools and paint estimation
• Keep the work running

• Budget estimation 12 months
• Man power, tools and paint estimation
• Planning of logistics

Package “Building the foundation” included.

Onboard corrosion training

3. Onboard Corrosion Training package

Onboard tutoring and training of the crew will help them understand what is required and make sure it is properly implemented.

What you get
• 10-30.000 $/year savings on man hours
• Increased life time of coating repairs by the crew
• Reduced steel breakdowns with off hires and repair cost
• Improved 3rd party inspections.

Onboard training
• Basic Corrosion theory + PPE
• Practical Surface Preparation
• Paint application and Paint locker
• Tutoring and working alongside the crew

Visit Reports
• Corrosion status report and work plan: Deck, WBT, COT, ER.
• Suggestions for improvements onboard.
• Status of paint locker, tools and parts (paint locker stock, tools in use, Spare parts).
• Technical inspection if requested.

To ensure a successful training, the Packages “Building the foundation”
and “Project Management” is included.

Other corrosion services

Should you have any other requests or needs I will be happy to assist you.

Corrosion lecture at officers/ratings seminar
Corrosion lecture for the office staff
Corrosion course – shorebased

My focus is to keep your vessels out of dry dock, and without the need of external contractors for corrosion repairs, but I will be able to assist with both.

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