Occasionally I visit vessels that do not use soap in the daily cleaning.
It is usually not intended but is just not integrated in the daily work.

A very practical solution to this, is making a soap container with a pre-mix of detergent available on deck.
The crew can then take a bucket of soap whenever they need it.
With out having to look for the keys to the chemical locker.

Making the soap container:

soap container

An easy solution is to cut the top of an old oil drum, and install a ball valve.

CBM soap container

If a plastic container or similar is available, it is much easier to install and use.

Soap container hose

The outlet can be a hose or fixed pipe, and should be available where the crew needs it.
It should be easy and practical for them not for person filling/installing.

A few tips:

• Install it close to a fresh water faucet for easy filling
• Mark the mixing ratio on the drum
• Elevate it for easy filling of the buckets
• Designate a specific crew member to keep it filled.
• If possible install the soap container in the engine casing to avoid it freezing.

Oxalic acid:

When cleaning a deck area with excessive rust coloring, a light mix of oxalic acid can help.
Mix 5% oxalic acid solution. This will do little damage to the paint and minimize the consumption.
Do not try to remove all rust coloring the first time. 2-3 light cleanings will do the trick.

Safe sailing

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