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Why should you get in contact with BSO Svendborg? Why should you focus on inboard corrosion maintenance?

It is my core belief that 99% of the inboard corrosion maintenance, can and should be planned and executed onboard, without external riding gangs or DD repairs.

This is why I started BSO Svendborg where I can help you and your vessel with a practical and efficient approach to corrosion maintenance.

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BSO Svendborg ApS
Tvedvej 55
5700 Svendborg

Ph: +45 2380 0461
CVR: 39835843

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Bo Sørensen

I have been in the maritime industry for more than 24 years, from deck rating, to chief officer on; livestock carriers, small freighters, tankers to positions ashore in the safety dept. and as a vessel manager.

This has given me a good all-round back ground in planning, executing and evaluating onboard maintenance.

2017: Founding BSO Svendborg – Maritime Maintenance
2016: Coating Inspection Course from HEMPEL Academy
2016: Maintenance officer Torm A/S
– Travelling and conducting onboard courses to build up cosmetic maintenance learning
and development fleetwide.
– Status reporting and budgeting on individual vessels.
– Overseeing purchasing and budgeting of paint, tools and manpower
2014: Vessel Manager Torm A/S
– Daily tasks, dry dockings, budgetting.
2012: HSSE Manager, Torm A/S
– Incident investigations, Environmental compliance, Marine advisor
1998-2012: Sailing as an officer in the merchant navy and Royal Danish Navy in various ranks and companies.

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