BSO Corrosion Support and Management

In collaboration with our clients, we develop a strategic and long-term plan for corrosion protection and
maintenance fitted to ship operations.

  • Effective BSO guides and learning material
  • Quality control of crew work
  • Supply chain follow-up of paint and tools
  • Direct contact and follow-up with vessels.

We have proven results and benefits:

  • Improved lifetime of repairs – from 6 months to 5 years
  • Reduced paint OPEX costs – save 25-40 %
  • Improved vetting performance.

Corrosion Project Management while in Service

We develop an efficient and thought-out maintenance plan before you let your crew and equipment on

Project planning:

  • We deliver an efficient work plan and backup plan
  • Easy to read sector plan of project area
  • Quality control upon completion
  • Manpower, tools and paint estimation
  • Budget support

Riding teams – painters

We provide skilled riding teams for professional upgrade of your vessel in service. 
Lowering costly off hire and third party observations.

HP, UHP, sand blasting and recoating of:

  • Water Ballast Tanks 
  • Deck areas 
  • Cargo Tanks 
Practical guides and video
Direct crew support and follow up
Avoid vetting observations
Tools and Paint locker Optimization
Improved surface preparation
Lower OPEX cost