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Today ships are maintained and protected against corrosion during service. But state of the art material
and equipment is not worth much, if applied incorrectly. Rust never sleeps!

BSO Svendborg has applied knowledge acquired from many years at sea to develop a unique and efficient
maintenance strategy. BSO Svendborg also provides advice on materials and equipment, with hands-on
instructions and educational material.

When committing to BSO Svendborg, we commit to assisting and educating your seafarers and
organisations, resulting in long lasting maintenance and protection, while in service.


Successful maintenance

Efficient, practical and easy-to-perform strategies based on know-how, ensure successful ship maintenance and protection against corrosion.
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We share knowledge

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About us

We assist you

We believe in driving behaviourur towards a culture of “doing it right the first time”
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Practical guides and video
Direct crew support and follow up
Avoid vetting observations
Tools and Paint locker Optimization
Improved surface preparation
Lower OPEX cost

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